Who Needs Calla Lily Designs?

  • DIY'ers needing to make decisions about paint colors, flooring choices, cabinetry, furniture accessories and function. We offer recommendations based on the age of the home, architecture, lifestyle of homeowners and budget. We are able to provide an unbiased opinion based on the entire home and how new projects will transition well into existing spaces.


  • Those who need a “jump start” with their projects. Homeowners who are fairly clear about their plans but want a professional opinion to confirm. This is why we offer an hourly rate. There are some who only need us for a couple of hours to bring direction and clarity to their ideas.


  • Busy people that simply want their homes to look and feel good. You can hire us to see your project from conception to completion. We will be as involved as our clients desire us to be!



It is always our goal to create spaces that are unique and personalized to each client we engage with.  We are a mother/daughter team with passion and energy!

Re-design is our specialty.  Helping people create a new look with what they already own is an area we excel in.  With over 30 years of combined experience, our design team can develop a custom plan for your home to enable you to achieve your desired result all at once or in incremental stages based on time and budget. 

"You will have a current and enduring plan without spending a lot on passing trends" - co-owners (mother and daughter) Callie McHugh and Patty Drotz

Callie McHugh and Patty Drotz